Branding & Identity


You have a company, but do you have a brand?

Your brand makes the initial emotional connection with your consumer. This is a powerful asset! At RMM, we encourage our clients to carefully craft their brand identity to allow connections that drive buying decisions. Your brand can become your strongest sales tool.

Our branding solutions cover all aspects of brand architecture. Whether you are starting from scratch or giving your already existing brand a breath of fresh air, our creative team of marketing and design experts will help you deliver key messages and design a stunning eye-catching identity.


  • If you were to think of your business as a person, what would it’s personality be?
  • What are my core values?
  • What is my company culture?

Lastly, What does my customers think of my business?

These are just some questions you need to ask yourself. If the picture you have is unorganized, out dated, and non efficient then you are not on the right track. Ripple Marketing Mix can deliver your desired perception with innovative and creative marketing tools to give you the professional look and give you that dedicated company feel that you know you are.

Our branding service include:

Brand Identity

  • Logo
    • Color Pallette
    • Typography
    • Look and feel
  • Corporate Branding
    • Business Cards
    • Letter Head/Envelopes
    • Presentation Folders
  • Collateral Branding
    • Branded Literature
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Sell Sheets
    • Product Info Sheets
  • Package Design



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