Affiliate Marketing


Create the right relationships!

We’re big believers in shaking it up and finding your perfect mix of marketing solution(s), but we also keep tabs on what works across the board. One of the most universal tenets of marketing success is collaboration— and one of the best ways to make this happen is through affiliate marketing.

This type of performance-based internet marketing is based on inspiring relationships and ultimately building a community of referrers. A solid affiliate program is profitable all around: your affiliates market on your behalf and reach a wider circle of prospects than you could do on your own; you then pay your affiliates commission fees for each lead or sale they drive toward your business.

It can seem daunting to start from square one and figure out who you should partner with, how you can appeal to them, and what exactly you need to do to keep growing your referral network. We’ll help you take on all of those challenges and find your groove so that your program creates a steady stream of revenue.

Our Goals
It’s all about fostering the right relationships. We’ll help you define and seek out the most efficient partnerships possible for your affiliate program. (Remember our borderline obsession with branding and identity? That’s going to come into serious play here.) Then we’ll regularly update your content so that your affiliates always have new and fresh material that they are proud to share with their audiences.

Our Methods
RMM’s proven approach to affiliate marketing success includes:

  • Affiliate Marketing Architecture
  • Build A Community
  • Monitor and Listen
  • Brand Participation
  • Measure Success



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